Pagewood Studios Dynamic Drawing BETA

Why? Because we believe in helping artist tell their stories.
What do we do? Helping Artist's find success.
How? Knowing Artist personally, a well-defined education and purpose.


A real Indie Animation Training experience: This is a place for you to learn when you're ready to sit down and really work for it. PS studios does hire from outside of its studio teaching/ training animation program. The studio does prefer to hire Artist who have been hand-crafted from a PS education. 


studio-based education enables artist a real opportunity for success in the studio and for their future workability outside of the studios walls that is highly encouraged.


It's important to keep all of the Artist in the loop.



Artist are trained in a traditional way of thinking for animation (that means you have to draw and yes the studio believes this is very important as an animator/ storyteller). The studios has pulled together, developed and collected an extensive amount of resources from across the planet; that's why Pagewood Studios Artist continue to grow; because they can be taught and lead; humility is key. 

Connect with real people.
Develop teams.
Create your future.

The Studio believes in a cross-disciplinary field approach to animation because it expands the mind to greater creative thinking. This empowers artist to design their own workflows or advance others and their own way and not become software bound. 


The world will keep giving animators more tools to work with; core knowledge will always remain the same. That's why PS believes in cross-discipline training in traditional and digital workflows.


Software wars are helping create uncertain futures for Artist in every country across the planet. In order to equip Pagewood Studios Artist as animators artist need transferable well-practiced knowledge; this is a cornerstone  at PS and the very key to rapid development.

What to Learn

Fast Track Drawing Fundamentals​

Animation Basics

Production Animation


How much? Free and paid classes

Who can Train at PS? All artists are screened before commencing training excluding free drawing classes; everyone is welcomed.

Who'll be teaching the class? Senior Artist from the studio who know how to teach nocie and experienced Artists what's being used in the industry today.

Do I get a certificate? Yes. Each certification shows a number that is uniquel generated from the studio. This means the certification can not be faked. Any future employers of the artist can take great confidence in the Artist Certification and personally call and check with the school so that PS can vouch for the Artist that we are very proud of.

Become Apart of the Studio.​​

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