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So a new project comes into the studio and we receive a .png file of a character sheets with loads of content already created. The client wants the character animated. No problems right? But what if you're using open source applications? Unfortunately right now, this means that you need to redraw all of that content again.

The .SVG is one of those life saving file formats that came along into the industry. This means everyone could start to play friendly with each other and they don't have to stress so much. SVG is very similar to the .ABC file format that Blender just adopted for 3D. Now this does happen more often than you think, studios are required to recreate something that has already been created again from scratch. Studios send information between each other working sometimes collaboratively to have an outcome achieved quickly and efficiently. It all depends on your negotiations between the studios.

Model Sheet creation:

Blender Grease Pencil and OpenToonz will be great at this point only for new content creators and teams that are willing to redraw content coming into the studio stable from the already paid software studio market place.

"How can we get studios to adopt open source tech and be apart of development?"

Adoption is the name of the game. For studios to start adopting Blender Grease Pencil and OpenToonz in there pipelines, we need to start thinking about what is already in place. The biggest problem that I can see is that Blender Grease Pencil and OpenToonz doesn't support effective use of the .SVG file format.

An interesting workflow using Blender grease Pencil

The pond of paid software is surprisingly small and many of these companies are not transparent at all in their development of the software. TV Paint only has 20 developers who are trying to govern how the animation work flow show should be.

"TV Paint only has 20 developers..."

Are we as studios and artists ok with that? 5 developers OpenToonz has 10+ or developers diving in out and has only been back in development for the last year and a half? Blender Grease Pencil has though it is apart of much larger global team that can help out and participate when needed.

.SVG exports into programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate, Toon Boom, TV Paint (that is a small pond, isn't it?). Exporting .SVG from illustrator

Copying vector path information between applications:

Despite Blender Beetles experience she has been a massively huge help in forums helping get the word out about OpenToonz.

Studios now rely on the .SVG as a staple. In order for Blender and OpenToonz to be adopted, it might be really worthwhile in thinking about how the .SV G format and how it will play a role in Grease Pencil and OpenToonz to get everything in 3D and 2D animation communicating together between different software packages. So I guess this means biting down on the bullet and doing the work to make .SVG formats fit seamlessly without any trouble into Blender and OpenToonz.

Here are the benefits:

More Adopters = users (Artists & Studios)

More users = more content creators

More content creators = more money

More users = more feedback

More feedback = more innovation

More innovation = more development and new ways of thinking both developers and content creators

More of the above means happier people happy lives

Banding money funds together to create the tools you want created for a better workflow

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