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OpenToonz 1.2 animation software package has had some major updates, it's out ready to go. I'm an OTX man myself out all the builds of OpenToonz put together made available by Jeremy Bullock. Donate some money to him if you can. All of the OpenToonz builds will all get the job done and the ability for you to customize it without restraint makes OT the perfect studio tool.

OpenToonz this last year has had some major overhauls. We are looking to finish off the year with some serious icing on the cake by bringing back the manipulation tool.

Turtle Tooth the proposed developer to work on the manipulation tool has helped out with loads of new features and bug fixes. This will be a great way to say Merry Christmas to animators across the planet.

"...more power to artists."

The new Manipulation Tool will greatly enhance the workflow of OpenToonz. Giving back more power to artists; helping them stay in the ZEN Zone while animating with a much greater freedom on how artists want to work as an individual. These tools will be especially great for hybrid traditional animation workflows and TV Broadcast animation. Jeremy is an Artist/ Developer/ School Teacher who can get it done for about $400; not bad at all.

Right now there are 3 flavors of OpenToonz and all the developers are talking to each other. This makes for a really great active Developer/ Artist Community that can be found on the OpenToonz Discord:

Jeremy Bullock on YouTube: Where now up to OpenToonz 1.2 at the point of writing this post.

So, Merry Christmas everyone. Let's make this happen. All it takes is to sacrifice 5 minutes of your time and a few cups of coffee or burger loven time on Friday (I know right that's really asking a lot, but let's do it anyway).

Merry Christmas and check out the link below. The more adopters of OT, the more money saved. That means more money that could be going into development and the hiring of more artists to produce greater quality work and a better working tool available for all.

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