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Loving the new layout for Grease Pencil 2.8 and the demo. But what else does BGP really need? I'm using Grease Pencil on a city scene at the moment and find that line points can build up a lot and slow the view-port down to a crawl. So let's create some suggestions:

Let's find a way to optimize the Grease Pencil line with a slider without losing too much integrity of the line. Perhaps "Decimate Modifier" can be ported over to grease pencil modifiers? The scene that I am working on is rather large but honestly not that big. Just after writing this blog, I found the blog of Grease Pencil dev and a simplify modifier have been added. Oh yeahhhhh! So if you want to be really impressed by Antonio Vazquez and his more than 1100 commits you can check out the blog here:

"...a simplify modifier has been added. Oh yeahhhhh!"

Just another Quickie while I am here and at it, we need a library modifier that stores object data (Grease pencil drawing symbols or geo Symbols that can be dragged and dropped on screen or file data replacement or switching/ swapping). Something similar to old-school/ stop-motion paper cutout or Adobe Animate/ Toonboom is the standard.

Match the standard or improve on it that's the key right frustration builds innovation? Here is the link to something that was already deved out but perhaps was too heavy to implement into Blender? Link:

We also need to steal from OpenToonz Video Capture and Audio Capture for Animation reference capture and audio for basic recording of sound that can be used for animation annotation (notes for artist in dailies/ reviews this will greatly speed up what needs to get done and increase the ability to give better feedback) Even if there wasn't a hook-up straight into Blender, a bridge to OpenToonz and Blender would open up massive innovative workflows.

How Video is captured in OpenToonz:

An example of how movie capture straight into Blender for Rotoscoping could work (A really popular technique with motion graphics because anyone can do it):

How Audio is captured: Open OpenToonz/in the menu of OpenToonz go to the window menu and down the bottom, you will see record audio. Hotkey Alt + A. Link:

If you want to be apart or know more about the OpenToonz community and how they want to integrate Blender, Natron and Krita into a seemless smooth Zen you check out the Discord channel Just like the Blender community, the OpenToonz community is a bunch of easy-going animators full of fantastic development. Watch the update for Blender Grease Pencil 2.8 Dev here:

It would also be interesting to get these guys talking to the Blender Grease Pencil devs as well. The more testers, the better?

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