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It's spring here in Sydney Australia and as everything comes to life and beauty is being celebrated, I can't help but think I want to spend my time outside taking a walk while I am rendering.

As I went for a walk today, the topic of Neural networking AI and rendering was on my brain (Yeah, it's a bad Joke). These days I can't help but think how the Neural networking AI would be able to help speed up render Times with Cycles, EEVEE and Blender Internal.

AI could also be used to perform and troubleshoot for Blender developers and artists. An example would be the colour grading in the compositor for matching shots or the use of the texture engine for generating 2D clouds in the distance.

Anything that has nodes inside of Blender would be fed into one output of the neural network. The second input maybe photographs for the neural network to replicate. An example would be to achieve more realistic and simplified node trees. Simplified node tree = less calculations, that translates into shorter render times.

"..a faster EEVEE that's more realistic or more NPR possibilities."

The benefits of playing with Blender like this would mean a faster EEVEE that's more realistic and have more NPR possibilities; the same would go for Cycles and Blender Internal as well. We would also see a better and more efficient use of node trees inside of Blender. These kinds of studies would, more importantly, help us see where Blender is lacking and what needs to be added or done for a more efficiency, creativity, better production and workflow.

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