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UV painting can be pretty difficult at times, but before you even get there, you need to unwrap your 3D asset and I don't mean like that's special little something that you get on Christmas from a loved one.

What are our options?

Blender has some great tools that we can use for unwrapping and is, by far, one of the easiest tools I have ever used for the process, well, apart from ZBrush. So why not just use ZBrush if it's so fast? ZBrush is $795 USD, so if you need to buy ten licenses, then that's nearly $8K USD and you haven't even paid for an artist to do anything yet.

Personally, I would rather spend the money on artists so they can support their families (No offense ZBrush devs, but I just can't sit down with you and have a beer after work). The Studio always leans towards this idea of "How many artists can we support?" That's why we believe it's better to enable artists instead of hindering them for a really clean, tidy and a simple to use workflow. 4 Possible ways of working with UV's method. Blender's Vertex Painter could be used the same way that Zbrush does its vertex painting. How could this work? Simply enough if you paint with different vertex colours on your 3D model representing different islands, then you could calculate to extract the boundaries for the UV mesh for helping improve unwrapping and making it happen faster. So what's the breakdown? Its really simple, The current UV Groups, Vertex paint and all of the above. The studio is proposing to create UV system that enhances the current workflow. In the future UV's should be similar to Zbrush, easier to use and more versatile.

  1. Select the polygons you want to put into vertex groups using all possible selection methods in Blender

  2. U becomes a pie menu that gives you extra options i.e. Assign Vertex groups

  3. Vertex groups can be viewed just like you would see in Zbrush and selected just like you can in Zbrush enhancing high poly workflow and UV mapping. This feature could be accessed through the render view via the pie menu i.e. Show vertex groups.

  4. Ability to assign shaders to groups.

"Let computers do what they do best..."

That means a much friendlier and more intuitive experience for artist. Does this mean we throw everything else out? Absolutely not. The proposed working methodology would help you arrive much much muuuuuudh faster to the end destination. Let computers do what they do best and artists do what they do best; create.

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