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Listening to these Guys talk about the new graphics tool in Maya makes me think about Animation nodes in Blender and what the modifier stack in Blender has to offer.

During this talk, they keep referring to the modifier stack as a list of nodes, something that blender does very well as a schematic view. The big thing Maya has over Animation nodes in this plugin is the user-friendliness nature of the plugin and there are tutorials.

Maya motion graphic program is still complicated and it certainly could be made a lot easier as well. It certainly is much easier to use and get the same result as Animation Nodes and I can only hope that Animation nodes will be able to top this in the future. The big question like always is Blender. How long will you have to wait and how can we support the artist and the developers that are working on this to make continually better.

"Personally I like to have the zen-like experience when I work"

So that the artist is no longer drawn outside of the creative space but can work intuitively using the tool that is in their hands.

In my experience, being creative is much like being on the roundabout while you're driving a car. Getting onto the roundabout is the most difficult part, but once you're on the roundabout and you follow the indications on the road and rules of the roundabout, you can work through that experienced very very easily and come out the other side with success.

"The same thing happens creatively, starting can be a bit tough, but once you've started, it's going to be all ok"

If you have something that keeps breaking your attention and interrupting your creative flow like not indicating on a roundabout, then a project can take much longer. Good tools offer artists to step into the creative flow and leave it when they're done.

This isn't to say that there shouldn't be a learning curve. Learning curves offers the ability to think new and different, that's why learning is difficult and always exciting.

However, if the learning curve is so steep and people look at it from a cost-benefit analysis perspective (We all do this), the artist will reject tool and continue on how they have been working in the past. We need to be lured into the rabbit hole; Autodesk does this brilliantly in their presentations.

So I can't help but think of Nathan Vagdoll on his rigging training. Nathan talks about how you can have the best rig in the world, but if the artist can't use it, then it's just an exercise.

After seeing Maya's new motion graphics tool set I have to say it makes me miss Maya and long for Blender to step up its game because blender has so much more to offer than Maya.

That said animation nodes are truly an incredible bit of tech; unfortunately only a few can use it.

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