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Character Design is really cool and I have an absolute passion for it and animation. First things first though, to get a job creating characters is tough; really tough. So break out the sandpaper and start toughening up that skin, because if this is what you want to do, it's a long hard trudge.

Teaching and Drawing for a few years now and helping lots of friends I can really understand the appeal and idea of wanting to create your own character/s. Let's face facts; 3D and animation is just really really cool. However, at the other end of the stick it's long hours; constant reviews and remakes/ rebuilds to create anything that is worthy of greatness and significance. When I say rebuild I mean be prepared to make that thing 10, 20 and even more times slowly refining and chiseling off the edges.

The one thing that I always hear students say is

"I want to learn character design. Where do I start?".

First of all, some idiots will tell you don't (and trust me there are plenty of us out there) DON"T USE BLENDER! use Maya.



Maya is like buying a new car that only has one wheel. So let's go with Blender for now.

1. There are a bunch of great websites around, but if you really want to get stuck into character creation, then this is a great little Youtube channel to get you started.


This channel has enough on it to get you working at a super noob introductory level at a studio and seriously; I have taught this stuff at four different Universities and privately for years and they are going to tell you exactly the same thing.

2. Things you need to know:

Use a stopwatch and become fast at the basics, plus totally and completely own what it is that you do; Not the other way around.

3. Environments will land you jobs faster then characters work; just a heads up. Use Blender for modeling and PIXAR Renderman (PRMan) for shading they are like two separate packages and because you can PRMan Studios will be more likely to look at you.

4. If you did this every day for 4 hours for 3 months and you will be good. Good enough to land your first job (Make time in your calendar and tell your friends you will be busy for the next three months because you're trying to level up)

5. Draw everything and anything like a crazy mad man. Simply trust your eye and draw what you see. Don't try and understand it that will come with time. It's really important for it to look like shit so you can see where to improve.


DON'T USE AN ERASER. You need to see your mistakes that way you can't trick yourself into thinking you are getting better. You will know exactly where you failed, so you can concentrate on improving in the right area.

6. Don't forget to practice correcting your own work like you're the teacher. Refer to yourself in third person and don't forget to praise yourself for your successes (but not too much). 7. Rinse, wash and repeat - The first time you brushed your teeth, you totally sucked at it. By the time you're ten you're pretty good, but your still losing teeth. In your 20's, you have it nailed and you are freakn awesome at brushing teeth.

Same thing for everything else it called the "Competence Confidence Rule".

"Trust me when I say this, "Everything is cyclic; EVERYeeeeeTHING!"

  1. Ask for help - Blender is one of the friendliest communities online. If you're watching a tutorial, just ask for help below.

  2. Always use reference. It will make your work better.

  3. MAKE GREAT WORK so that means a lot of effort. A lot of effort.

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1. A Great place to start learning character design:


2. What would I start with on this Youtube channel (There are some very good reason for why i pick this particular order Noob to good)







3. Pixar Renderman





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  5. Pixar Renderman

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