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By Far the coolest smallest development that is the handiest open source feature in the market today.

Let's make this quick. I have been reading about this new file format and it is really freakn kool and it would be great for indie games and animation developers. Actually, it would be really great for heaps of stuff.

Ok Ok Ok, So this file format is:

  1. Open source

  2. Wants to replace .Jpeg

  3. Amazing image quality considering its size. It's like buying a large coke from McDonald's for 10 cents in Australia when it really cost ahhhh I don't know! but it's a lot more than 10 cents

  4. It can behave like a .gif

  5. and I think it supports transparency

Ok so I think

"This is Absolutely Bananas!"

In a good way.

This really is a great opportunity for Blender to introduce before the big boy players; hahummmmmm ( We know who you are -.-). We all know that if more people are touching Blender then more development is going on which means a better Blender.

Side thought: Teach Blender to a friend and tell them to pass it on.

That's it, nice and simple. .BPG it's freakn kool man, really kool. <- K lives next to O and L on the keyboard and that's KOOL.

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1. Image Comparison: https://xooyoozoo.github.io/yolo-octo-bugfixes/#buenos-aires&png=s&bpg=s

2. Open Source information and code: http://bellard.org/bpg/

3. Running .BPG in the background on your website: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28088036/how-to-set-bpg-on-background

4. Web converter: http://webencoder.libbpg.org/

Topics Covered:

  1. .BPG Open source

  2. It's free so why not put in Blender

  3. Replace GIF and Jpeg

  4. How to support it

Author, Artist and Developer: Adam Earle

"I'm always happy to be wrong, it's an opportunity

to grow and become more than I am"

Adam Earle Said.