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PS Trust us there's a payoff.

  1. Tell us a minimum of 3 bad jokes.

  2. We don't care about spelling just be good at what you do.

  3. Should be clean and well presented, unless you've just come from an ice-cream eating contest; then it's ok.

  4. Animator's 1 minute reels are great 2:30 is awesome. We love experimental and failure reels because we love history.

  5. Be different, not stupid, not crazy, not obnoxious. 

  6. All egos get left at the door when you pick up your tools.
  7. We're mostly an opensource studio 


  1. What Software do we use? 
    Blender, Natron, Krita and whatever Editor we can get our hands on.


  2. Is it true you guys are a remote studio?
    Yes and No. If you live in Sydney then we want to rub shoulders with you. Loads of talented artist live across the big blue and we want access to them as well, so first and foremost we always 
    set up to be remote.

  3. How long have you been operating?
    Since 2013

  4. Are there many people in your team?
    The studio has a core team that always comes first, then we have our scalable team which is second.
  5. How do I become a Knight of Pagewood studios round table? Simply be interested, play friendly, take your time and fail as much as you can: simply just get involved.




Opensource projects the studio supports