Pagewood Studios animation delivers a clear message of creativity and clarity for people's needs.  We breathe a life of creative energy into everything we do.


2D 3D Animation specializing in content creation.

Designing Every Pixel

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We're looking for exciting, passionate Artist. Graphical, Audio, Programmers, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla... and Tangerine; you get the idea.


If you got the BIG X Factor then we want to meet you.


In 1912 Pagewood Studios was the first new film studio built in Australia. Though the studio's life was short-lived, we would like to recognize and strongly acknowledge the efforts of our fellow Australian pioneers during that time. 


In 2012 an idea was formed to create a studio that would help artists achieve their goals with the ability to live a very healthy lifestyle, help grow the economy, and be a cornerstone in the artist education to help the studio become a global economic resource for the Entertainment industry. 


PS. We believe it's a responsibility to hire as many artists as possible within the studio's financial means; weeeeeee lovem.

2D 3D Animation specializing in content creation.

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